What is TikTok’s Kia Challenge? Users warned not to try USB hot-wiring trend

Kia ChallengeAlissa Smart and dh_dingers on Tiktok

The recent TikTok Kia Challenge is taking over the internet, sparking controversy and resulting in car theft. TikTok is attempting to mitigate the situation, which has already escalated to alarming degrees.

The TikTok Kia Challenge is a viral video trend where people steal a Hyundai or Kia by utilizing a USB cable to jump start the car. And on TikTok, many users have hopped on the trend and are now attempting to steal themselves their own Kia — going as far as to upload their thefts on the internet.

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Be warned. Stealing cars, whether or not it is a viral TikTok challenge is considered a crime, and thereby punishable by law.

TikTok has attempted to mitigate the situation, urging users to report Kia Challenge videos so they could promptly remove them.

Where did the TikTok Kia challenge originate?

TikTok user @robbierayyy began the viral trend, where he shared a video of starting his Kia using only a USB cable. Though the original video has been deleted by TikTok, the challenge has already snowballed rapidly, resulting in numerous cases of vandalism and grant theft.

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Others hopped on the trend, uploading their own versions of the challenge while sharing the technique.

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“I have to try this. Wish me luck tonight,” one TikTok user stated.

People who perform the challenge have been referred to as the Kia Boyz, with numerous cases of theft reported all across the United States.

This break in technique does not work for every Kia or Hyundai, a misconception created by the lack of proper context and information shown in a TikTok short. Many reports of vandalized Kia’s have been made — likely results of failed attempts to USB hot wire the cars.

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This is not the first dangerous TikTok challenge to gain notoriety. Some, like the the blackout challenge, can lead to death. These seem like “fun” and “easy” ways to get a moment of internet fame, but the repercussions are very real.

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