TikTok is convinced that Kylie Jenner got married after wearing white dress

kylie jenner white dressKyle Jenner

TikTok users believe that social media star Kylie Jenner got married after she was spotted wearing a white dress in a video.

Kyle Jenner is one of the most followed users across all social media platforms.

With over 359 million followers, her life as both a mom and influencer is constantly under the eye by her devoted fans.

Now, fans on her TikTok page believe the young star has actually tier the knot with Travis Scott.

YouTube: Kylie JennerKylie Jenner has two children with artist Travis Scott.

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The rumors that Kylie tied the knot came from her TikTok comment section, which were overflowing with comments that she’s now a married woman.

The video in question is of her rocking a white dress with friends and sister Kim all wearing black, which was posted on July 20.

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One user speculated and said, “It’s giving bride and bridesmaids.”

Another noted their outfits, “Is she getting married? Why is she the only one in white?!”

In another video posted right after, Kylie is seen wearing the same white dress fueling even more speculation. Although, this time, it was just her sans potential bridesmaids.

Despite teasing her fans by posing in a white dress, it isn’t confirmed if Kylie is getting married any time soon.

And, if she does get married, she will surely post about it on her TikTok page.