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The True Geordie Will Commentate on the Logan Paul vs KSI Fight After All

Published: 31/Jul/2018 9:48 Updated: 31/Jul/2018 10:09

by Ross Deason


Brian ‘The True Geordie’ Davis has announced that he will be commentating on the Logan Paul versus KSI boxing match.

True Geordie’s role at the event was in doubt after Logan Paul released a video calling him a “Logan and Jake Paul hater” and questioning his ability to remain neutral.

But the two YouTubers appear to have put their differences aside, with True Geordie releasing a short statement saying that he had spoken to Logan on the phone and that he would indeed be covering the “biggest event in internet history”.

The Newcastle man, who recently hit one million subscribers on YouTube, also thanked everyone that supported him in his bid to remain part of the commentary team.

Numerous high profile YouTubers, including Joe Weller, Boogie2988 and AnEsonGib, made it clear that they believed Davis was the only man for the job, and online petitions to support his bid were signed by tens of thousands of people.

Logan Paul also responded to The True Geordie’s announcement, saying “Good chat brother. Let’s get ready to rumble”.

Davis commentated on KSI’s first boxing match against Joe Weller in February and has made it clear that he wants to be “the sportscaster of YouTube”.

In a short statement on the latest episode of Drama Alert, The True Geordie told Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem:

“To be fair to Logan, he listened to what i said in the video,  called me up, spoke to me man to man, I wasn’t expecting that,

“It’s important to me that I do a good job, not just for everyone fighting, but for YouTube.”

Logan Paul and KSI will step into the ring at the Manchester Arena on August 25. After months of trash talk, accusations and fiery press conferences, the animosity between the two has now reached boiling point. 


Josh Richards teases Nessa Barrett romance in cozy Halloween snap

Published: 31/Oct/2020 22:39

by Charlotte Colombo


It looks like cuffing season is well underway for on-off TikTok couple Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett, as the former shared a series of close snaps of the two stars in each other’s arms ahead of a Halloween event.

For the ex-couple, things have been awkward, to say the least, after they broke up under a cloud of speculation and cheating rumors. Not only was there speculation that Richards was using Tinder, but there were also rumors that Barrett had kissed Hype House’s Chase Hudson shortly after his own breakup with TikTok starlet Charli D’Amelio.

However, in recent weeks, it seems like Barrett has made an effort to make amends with Richards, as she admitted earlier this month in an interview that her highly controversial kiss with Hudson was a “terrible mistake”.

Since then, it seems that the two have let bygones be bygones, with Richards sharing a few pretty romantic snaps of the two all dressed up for Halloween. Coyly mentioning that Barrett had done his Halloween makeup, he uploaded a series of pictures of the two arm in arm, with one especially intimate photo showing him hugging her from behind.

nessa josh insta post
Instagram: Josh Richards
Cozy photos on Josh Richards’ Instagram account has caused fans and influencers alike to speculate that they’ve reconciled.

Naturally, this led to excited fans going into overdrive. While several rejoiced at the return of “Jessa”, one Instagram user joked in a comment that got over 8,000 likes: “So are y’all getting back together or what?”

And it wasn’t just fans who had something to say about the snap. TikTok royalty Addison Rae mysteriously commented that she “love[s]” the photo, while Sway House’s Nick Bean said what everyone is thinking: “Y’all confuse me but it’s ok”.

What happened between Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett?

After months of speculation, Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett announced their relationship in October 2019. They met on TikTok (naturally) and posted a lot of adorable content together before calling it quits seven months later in June 2020.

richards barrett video
YouTube: Josh Richards
Richards and Barrett announced their breakup in a bittersweet YouTube video in June.

Although rumors around the time of their breakup suggested that Richards had cheated on Barrett, the two put up a united front in a YouTube video entitled ‘We Broke Up’, where they blamed the pressures of being in the public eye combined with their relationship moving too quickly for its eventual breakdown.

“We were in a very serious relationship but we weren’t ready for as serious as it was,” Richards said at the time. “We realized that we needed to mature and we needed to grow as people. I personally have never seen two people love each other and care for each other as much as Josh and me. We just had a lot of growing to do still.”

“I just really want to stress the fact that neither of us mistreated each other in the relationship,” Barrett added.

richards barrett youtube video
YouTube: Josh Richards
The ex-couple have seemingly grown closer in recent weeks, with Barrett even featuring in some of Richards’ YouTube videos.

However, it didn’t take long for the breakup to turn sour after Chase Hudson admitted to kissing Nessa Barrett shortly after his own breakup with Charli D’Amelio in July.

Luckily, it seems like the two social media superstars have put all that drama behind them and, if nothing else, are at least close friends again.