The 15 Biggest Concurrent Viewership Peaks Ever Reached on Twitch - CS:GO, League of Legends and Ninja - Dexerto

The 15 Biggest Concurrent Viewership Peaks Ever Reached on Twitch – CS:GO, League of Legends and Ninja

Published: 9/May/2018 17:42 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 12:50

by Calum Patterson


What is the peak viewership record on Twitch? Has a stream already exceeded one million viewers simultaneously? Where is Ninja and his records on Fortnite? Here’s the answer to all these questions.

Twitch is an online live video streaming platform owned by Amazon. Its roots go back to 2006 when the site ‘’ was created. In 2011, they launched a video game category, under the name Twitch. Finally, is shut down in 2014, shifting all of its activity to Twitch.

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The success was almost immediate for Twitch, which is quickly became the leader in video game streaming, attracting interest from huge companies like Google and Amazon. Ultimately the latter bought the site in August 2014 for $970 million, bringing Twitch into a new dimension.


Today, Twitch draws tens of millions of users every day on dozens of different games and broadcasts live the biggest esports events around the world. 

The platform has thus become a symbol of the growth of gaming and esports in general and streaming in particular can bring together hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously, overshadowing some of the most popular television shows.

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Unfortunately, Twitch very rarely communicates about statistics and so it is necessary to go through third parties to have a get a real idea of ​​the audiences of certain streamers or events.

Gamoloco, recently published the ranking of the 15 biggest viewership peaks of ever seen on Twitch. Of these, 13 (or 14 depending on your point of view) were esports events and 2 (or 1) individual streams.


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In the first eight places in the standings we find CS: GO events, whose record-breaking simultaneous audience on Twitch is also one of the most recent, namely the ELEAGUE Major of Boston in January, which reached 1.13 million viewers during the final.

In ninth and eleventh place is Tyler “Ninja” Blevins who during his Fortnite tournament at the Esports Arena in Las hit 667,000 viewers, beating his own previous record of 630,000 viewers in his stream with Drake and Travis Scott.

Finally, League of Legends is the third and final game in the ranking, all its best scores having been achieved at the Worlds 2015 tournament.


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For the moment, CS:GO remains the undisputed leader in terms of peak concurrent viewership on Twitch, but its most serious rival could well be Fortnite, once the esport aspect of the game is launched.

You can find below the ranking of the 15 biggest concurrent viewership peaks ever reached on Twitch, as compiled by Gamoloco.


1. ELEAGUE – CS:GO – 28/01/2018 – 1,130,000

2. ELEAGUE – CS:GO – 29/01/2017 – 1,030,000

3. ESL – CS:GO – 23/08/2015 – 788,000

4. DreamHack – CS:GO – 01/11/2015 – 684,000

5. ESL – CS:GO – 01/11/2015 – 678,000

6. ELEAGUE – CS:GO – 28/01/2017 – 673,000

7. MLG – CS:GO – 04/04/2016 – 673,000

8. PGL – CS:GO – 23/07/2017 – 668,000

9. Ninja – Fortnite – 22/04/2018 – 667,000

10. Riot Games – League of Legends – 04/10/2015 – 638,000

11. Ninja – Fortnite – 15/03/2018 – 630,000

12. Riot Games – League of Legends – 31/10/2015 – 628,000

13. Riot Games – League of Legends – 01/10/2015 – 627,000


14. Riot Games – League of Legends – 04/10/2015 – 606,000

15. ESL – CS:GO – 23/08/2015 – 605,000


Source : Gamoloco