Tfue hits Twitch sub with ban hammer after being trolled

Tfue / Twitch, YouTube

Fortnite Battle Royale to look for a specific skin. 

After taking a few moments to try to find it, he couldn’t see what they were telling him to look for, leading to a few jokes in the chat that he didn’t take too kindly to. 

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Tfue, TwitterTfue has been likened to Fortnite Battle Royale’s ‘Jonesey’ skin in the past.

How did Tfue react? 

Tfue’s Twitch chat, like many other high profile streamers’ are, only allows subscribers to post comments during the livestream. While he is usually engaging and enjoys the odd conversation with fans, this time was a little different as they were clearly trolling the gamer. He was called “blind” and “crazy”. 

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“This ain’t him bro. He’s not in here,” he said, bemused by what some of his subs were asking him to find in Fortnite. “You guys are telling me I’m fucking crazy, where the fuck is this guy, dude? He’s not in here. Fuck you guys. I’m not crazy.”

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Did Tfue ban the trolls? 

“He’s not fucking in here,” he said, after scrolling the menus looking for the outfits. “I hate the people in my chat, like ‘you’re fucking blind dude, he’s right there…” suck my nuts. Suck my fucking nuts.”

Tfue later scrolled back through his chat, found the subscriber who was trolling him and permanently banned them from watching – and interacting with – his streams in the future. “Blind as fuck… You’re banned as fuck. Thanks for the six months of subs buddy, you’re banned. Truly unfortunate because I don’t un-ban people,” he said. 

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It’s unknown as to whether or not he banned any other subscribers who were fooling around, but the mood of the entire stream did change quite rapidly. Perhaps more than one were hit with the ban hammer.