Tfue calls Alinity a “psycho bitch” amid cat-tossing controversy

MrBeast, YouTube / Alinity, Twitch

Controversial Fortnite pro Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney is one such star who spoke out on the issue.

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Alinity isn’t under fire for that single instance, however: the streamer likewise caught flak after viewers discovered older clips that showed her feeding vodka to her cat through a kiss, as well as climbing atop a cat tree and sending it tumbling to the floor.

The incident sparked controversy throughout social media, with such stars like FaZe co-owner Nordan ‘FaZe Rain’ Shat and streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys decrying Alinity’s actions – and they weren’t the last to comment on the matter, by far.

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Popular Twitch streamer and professional Fortnite player Tfue commented on the debacle during a stream on July 23, joking that up-and-coming streamers need to start throwing cats to get famous on the platform.

“You gotta start throwing cats, that’s the only way to make it on Twitch,” Tfue laughed. “You see those girls who are throwing fucking cats on Twitch? Psycho bitches, yo!”

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Tfue’s sentiments were echoed by FaZe Rain, who similarly called Alinity a “stupid bitch” for her actions shortly after the scandal went viral in a YouTube video titled, “TWITCH PLEASE BAN HER.”

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“Are you fucking serious?” Rain said of the matter. “Over a video game? You’re gonna throw your cat behind your head? You’re just a dumb bitch. Hopefully she doesn’t do that again. …She’s a stupid bitch, which is true – you are a stupid bitch.”

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Pokimane similarly decried Alinity’s actions during a Twitch stream, where she called the “yeeting” of the animal “messed up.”

“She did deadass yeet the cat,” Pokimane commented. “That’s messed up! Especially because you can’t see what’s around her.”

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While Alinity has since addressed the matter in a series of Tweets and is cooperating with an investigation by her local SPCA, viewers across the net continue to call for a ban for the streamer, who has yet to receive an official punishment from Twitch as of writing this article.

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