Teen mom splits TikTok with the ‘lazy’ dinner she feeds her kids

Kawter Abed
Teen mom preparing dinner for her kidsTIKTOK: alexis_marie125

A 19-year-old mom has gone viral on TikTok after sharing the ‘lazy’ dinner she prepares and feeds her two toddlers.

Alexis (alexis_marie125) boasts over 305,000 followers on TikTok, as she frequently posts about her life as a teen mom and how she prepares things for her two kids.

In her most viral video, which has amassed 14 million views, the content creator filmed herself prepping dinner for her children. “Dinner with a 19-year-old teen mom with 2 toddlers,” she wrote over the clip.

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The first thing Alexis prepared was pizza. She ripped apart some pepperoni slices and placed them onto a plate, followed by Lay’s chips and some cheese puffs.

Next, she cut up strawberries into bite-sized pieces, then cut some slices of watermelon and topped them off with some pre-washed blueberries.

For drinks, Alexis grabbed a Capri Sun pouch and poured yellow Gatorade into a baby bottle to finish off the ‘lazy’ meal for her toddlers.

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TikTok divided over ‘lazy’ dinner for kids

TikTok users in the comments were divided over the mom’s meal plan for her kids, with some criticizing her for feeding them “junk food” at a young age.

“Your toddlers are not 19 years old, why you let them eat and drink like that?” one person questioned. “Feeding your child low high-calorie junk food is child abuse,” another said. “What kind of meal is that,” a third wrote.

However, the majority of viewers applauded Alexis for trying her best. “Absolutely amazing! I was a teen mom too. You’re crushing it!” one commented. “You’re doing great momma your kids are fed and happy that’s all that matters,” another said.

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“Every one making these videos usually making nice healthy meals but this is so accurate,” someone else shared, finding the post relatable.

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