Team Liquid take shots at 100 Thieves with epic April Fools’ joke, and Nadeshot hits back

Team Liquid (Twitter) / Nadeshot (Instagram)

The April Fools’ Day spirit was very much in the world of esports this year, as Team Liquid and rivals 100 Thieves had a hilarious back-and-forth on Twitter.

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As expected, many in the esports sphere took to social media to put out their best April Fools’ content on April 1, as Twitter was filled with false announcements, parodies, fake roster changes, and more.

Team Liquid took this opportunity to put out a tweet advertising their new line of merchandise, while taking not-too subtle shots at their rivals 100 Thieves in the process.

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Right from the beginning it was clear that Team Liquid’s tweet was going to be full of memes, as the caption of the video was very meme-esque, featuring an obnoxious amounts of emotes, words and phrases in capital letter, and the Team Liquid website. 

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One part of the video was dedicated to advertising a magical blue liquid, which the video claimed would turn old and stale merchandise into vibrant new gear that was a lot more fashionable.

Steve Arhancet - InstagramThe rivalry between Team Liquid can be seen both during high-intensity meetings in the NA LCS and banter-filled exchanges on Twitter.
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As for the shots taken at 100 Thieves, there were two moments in the video that poked fun at the org and their superstar CEO Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag.

The first was a brief snippet at the beginning of the video taken from an interview Nadeshot gave a while back about the significance of his org’s name, which Liquid turned into a parody interview about the deeper meaning of the words “April Fools”

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The second moment came when someone in the video washed a 100 Thieves jersey in the magical blue liquid, turning into one of the shirts from Liquid’s new merchandise, essentially claiming that their gear was a lot more fresh than their rival’s.

100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot fires back at Team Liquid

Inevitably, this video caught the attention of Nadeshot, who tweeted out his own clap-back at Team Liquid CEO Steve Arhancet.

“Finally some apparel from Team Liquid that people actually want to buy,” he tweeted. “Steve, let me know if you want another picture with me for your Instagram.”

The Team Liquid-100 Thieves rivalry roars on

This isn’t the first time that the two prominent esports orgs have been embroiled in some social media banter. 

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Several months ago, right before their meeting in the NA LCS Summer Split Playoff Semifinals, the CEOs of the two orgs were involved in a hilarious exchange on Twitter, each trying their best to outdo the other.

Of course, during 100 Thieves’ first season in the NA LCS in 2018, the two teams met each other in both the Spring and Summer Split Playoffs, with Liquid taking care of business each time.