Summit1g roasts viewer after being mocked for World of Warcraft streams

David Purcell
Steam / Blizzard Entertainment

GTA RP, with some of his latest livestreams having eclipsed the 20 hour mark. 

However, after logging out of the game and saying that he was about to bring his 11-hour stream to a close on June 13, one cheeky fan decided to fire some shots at summit and it’s fair to say that he didn’t appreciate it. Not one bit. 

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Blizzard Entertainment
Summit1g has been streaming World of Warcraft on a regular basis on Twitch.

“We just gotta log out here. Do it tomorrow,” he said, before one user called him a “pussy” for not continuing streaming further into the night. 

After taking note of the their online username, summit went on to roll with the punches and searched for the person who said it on Twitch. “Let’s have a look at your fucking channel real quick, uh?” he said, clearly irritated by what he had been called. “Let’s see how many hours you put into your channel. 

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“Right, videos zero. Last fucking game you played, Roblox. Says a lot. You’re doing great,” he continued. “You would stream more if you weren’t such a pussy, but you know that’s fine. That’s just how it goes with you.”

Regular summit viewers will know that reacting in this way to members of the chat is quite out of character for him, but after streaming for so long, clearly he was expecting to be able to end the broadcast without having abuse hurled at him.

He went on to thank people for watching, as usual, before going offline.