Summit1g reveals why he’s finally quitting GTA RP for good

Published: 27/May/2019 8:55 Updated: 27/May/2019 9:17

by Connor Bennett


Jaryd ‘GTA RP is “coming to a close” after having one too many bored moments in-game.

The popular Twitch streamer has threatened to quit the online mod on more than one occasion – citing a number of different reasons behind his decision. Yet, he has continued to hop into Los Santos as his Charles Johnson character.

Even though the streamer had previously explained that he was thinking about becoming a police officer to revive his interest in the mod, it appears as if he might just be done, regardless.

Summit1g, TwitchSummit has continued playing GTA RP despite other streamers walking away from the mod.

During his May 24 stream, Summit had been attempting to wipe out a police car that he found parked at the side of the road by pouring gasoline on top and shooting it. However, the gasoline never quite connected and the streamer was left fighting for his life when a police officer discovered what he was doing.

Summit was ultimately gunned down for actions, leading to some frustrations. “I do not want to go through this again, no,” he started, taking his headphones off and walking away from the stream. 

“I’m done with this. This is my last day on NoPixel – it’s official, it really is. Officially, I’m so stupid that I’m done.”

For attempting to blow up a police car, the streamer was sentenced to 40 months in prison, which works out to 40 minutes of real-time. However, he wasn’t going to serve that time during his stream as he hopped right off GTA RP and looked for another game to play.

After one of his channel’s moderator told him to chill out and maybe try playing as a cop himself, but Summit explained more thoughts about wrapping up GTA RP. “I gotta find something else. Like, tonight doesn’t matter, what happened today doesn’t matter,” he added.

“It’s like, the end of the rope is near – I can already feel it. I have too many bored moments, so I can tell.” The streamer added that he felt his time with the game was “coming to a close” and he needed to search out something to “replace” it.

What will Summit stream next?

While Summit has spoken about quitting the mod in the past, it’s clear to see that his interest is dwindling and he’s on the search for something new.

Some fans may be hoping that he returns to a similar role-playing game like Sea of Thieves, but with plenty of new titles on the horizon, there won’t be a shortage of things for the streamer to try his hand at.


FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill swatted while streaming Fortnite on Twitch

Published: 25/Feb/2021 0:48

by Theo Salaun


FaZe Clan Fortnite pro Nate Hill’s most recent Twitch stream was cut short as he became just the latest streamer to get swatted while live. Comforting concerned fans, he has since confirmed that the incident was resolved safely.

While it’s existed for years, it feels like “swatting” has become much more prevalent over the past year or so as large names in the gaming community get exposed to the malicious behavior that involves subjecting a victim to a surprise visit from a concerned police force.

In essence, swatting is when someone misleads emergency services in order to send as heavily armed and numbered a police force as possible to a victim’s home. An evolution of bomb threat hoaxes, callers aim to endanger their targets by getting a SWAT team sent to their home.

In the third high-profile swatting attack in three months, Hill’s stream was cut short as a roommate told him that he needed to exit his room because the police had arrived. While the moment was shocking, to say the least, he has since updated fans with confirmation of safety and a scathing remark for the caller.

As seen in the clip, Hill is surprised by the intrusion and quickly leaves his stream to settle the situation. Fortunately, like Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney in December and Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen in January, Hill’s swatting incident ended safely. 

This is a relieving update for fans to hear, as a 2017 Wichita, Kansas swatting incident led to the fatal shooting of an innocent person following a disagreement over Call of Duty: WWII. The caller in that incident, Tyler Barriss, was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.

Considering that context, it should be no surprise that fans are overjoyed to hear that Hill’s incident resolved safely. The replies to his tweet essentially evoke a communal sigh of relief.

In the tweet, Hill also offers a resounding moral to this story: “A lot of sick f**ks out there, be careful.”

With the difficulty in convicting swatters and the increased prevalence of the criminal behavior over the past few months, it’s clear that security should be a priority — particularly for high-profile streamers. Fans are surely happy that Hill is safe, but also hopeful that these recent string of swatters can be found and sentenced to jail time as a deterrent to others.