Summit1g rages at ‘stupidest’ World of Warcraft feature

David Purcell
Summit1g, Twitch / Blizzard Entertainment

Grand Theft Auto RP to the curb and try out some different games for his audience to enjoy – one of which has been World of Warcraft Classic, which is currently in beta testing. 

It’s no secret that the game is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed video game industry has to offer right now, with even Michael ‘ CS:GO player was grinding his way through the game for just short of 23 hours during a lengthy stream on June 5, clocking off soon after failing continuously to enter a dungeon. 

World of Warcraft dungeons offer longer, more challenging, tasks than quests and after defeating creatures inside, players can collect higher quality loot. 

 “This is the easiest XP I can get and I’m locked out. Oh my god. Fuck, maybe because I’m invisible,” he said on one of his last attempts, before being killed by another player looking to get inside too. 

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He added: “This is so stupid that I even have to be in this fucking area right now, I just want to get in the fucking dungeon.” 

Summit remained resilient for around an hour, attempting to get inside the dungeon time after time, but once his chat realized just how much it was starting to tick him off, they started to troll him. Well, he didn’t like that. 

“Run inside? Oh my fucking god, chat. The only reason I’m even there is because I can’t get inside,” he said, clearly angered after dying yet again. “Fucking hell. This is the stupidest concept World of Warcraft ever came up with. Fuck man.”

For those wondering whether or not Summit1g will be playing any more World of Warcraft in the future, after becoming frustrated, he answered that question himself by restarting his stream around an hour after the 23 hour session came to an end. So, it looks like he’s in it for the long haul.