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Summit1g pleas with fans to stop ‘harassing’ other GTA RP streamers

Published: 1/Apr/2019 14:41 Updated: 1/Apr/2019 16:02

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar has issued a plea to the more ‘toxic’ members of his community who have been harassing other streamers playing Grand Theft Auto V roleplaying.

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What is metagaming?

GTA RP has re-emerged as one of the most popular games to watch on Twitch. Players take on the form of an in-game non-playable character [NPC] and conjure up their own storylines for themselves, based on what’s going on in the city.

It can be a bit difficult to stream as some viewers engage in ‘metagaming’ – where they explain what has happened elsewhere in the city, even though the streamer has not encountered that scenario or the other players involved.


Let’s take a look at the things that Summit1g has taken issue with…

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Twitch: SsaabTwitch streamers, like Summit, have flocked to GTA RP in recent weeks.

What did Summit say to his fans?

Summit was addressing a donation from a fan that said members of his community were spamming another streamer’s chat with accusations of stream sniping.

“Come on guys. Listen, dudes, there’s no enemies in this game alright?” Summit said, beginning his plea. “We’re all cool, everything’s fine. Ziggy is like one of the great people on the server. We have really good interactions with them, I like RP’ing with the guy – why have you guys gotta ruin things man? Come on.”


The streamer added: “Stop going to other people’s channels and complaining and shit. It’s all fake – I know you guys don’t want to hear that.”

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Summit then issued a further request for fans to stop, admitting that he can’t control the newcomers to his stream who don’t act like his long-time viewers.

However, he also added that he would begin issuing reminders to viewers to stop bothering other streamers during moments of RP – particularly because they can ruin the experience by metagaming across multiple channels.

What consequences could this lead to?

It remains to be seen if Summit implements any harsher punishments for viewers of his own who go and disrupt other players broadcasts.


While he says that banning people from his channel ‘sucks’ and he doesn’t enjoy having banned members, it may just be a much-needed step in a bid to weed out the more disruptive members of the community.