Summit1g gets destroyed by his own team in Sea of Thieves blooper

. 3 years ago

Popular streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar was on the wrong end of a hilarious blooper while playing Sea of Thieves with friends.

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Summit and his crew defeated a group of enemies and decided to sink their ship afterwards. Not wanting to miss out on potential loot from the sinking ship, Summit filled up a small boat with spoils and rowed away as the enemy ship sank.

Things took a turn for the worse with a case of mistaken identity, as his team was unaware of Summit’s plan.

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Thinking they were taking out the last remaining enemy crew trying to escape, Summit’s own teammates destroyed him and blew up the ship.

One of his crew members still did not figure it out after blowing up Summit and can be heard laughing, saying “He tried to get away with a rowboat!”

Summit hid his rage well, instead choosing to walk away from his desk in disappointed silence before crashing to the floor.

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Sea of Thieves is slowly turning into the game of choice for Summit to stream, despite its potential for friendly fire.

He has pulled in an unbelievable amount of loot in a short period of time, though the streamer is concerned about the lack of ships he sees while playing.

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