Summit1g begs his Twitch viewers not to spread 'toxicity' during GTA RP streams - Dexerto

Summit1g begs his Twitch viewers not to spread ‘toxicity’ during GTA RP streams

Published: 6/Apr/2019 12:17 Updated: 6/Apr/2019 12:45

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar had to, once again, issue a plea to his viewers to not disrupt other GTA RP streamers during an in-game interaction.

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Why is Summit playing GTA RP?

Like many streamers, Summit has been dabbling in the GTA RP multiplayer mod – entertaining viewers with his escapades around Los Santos while playing as his ‘Charles Johnson’ gangster character on the popular NoPixel server.

However, streaming the game hasn’t been exactly problem free, with Summit fighting a constant battle to control parts of his viewership from ruining other streamers enjoyment with the game.

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Twitch: SsaabThe GTA RP multiplayer mod has taken over the Twitch viewership charts in recent weeks.

What happened during Summit’s GTA RP stream?

On April 1, the popular Twitch streamer laid down the law to members of his chat who had been ‘harassing’ other GTA RP streamers when they believed that Summit was being ‘stream sniped’ and having his RP sessions interrupted.


The streamer was thrust back into the position of having to control his chat on April 5 during an in-game interaction with the game’s police department.

“Don’t spread toxicity, please don’t go anywhere,” Summit told his chat after he had been pulled over by one of the game’s police officers, requesting that they not go to another streamer’s chat and enrage them.

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“I don’t know who this guy is. Don’t go anywhere, it’s not a problem,” said the streamer, continuing his plea. “Please, I can get frustrated without you guys [the chat] having to fight a battle, ok? Please.”


After making his plea on April 1, Summit revealed that he was going to start reminding viewers not to antagonize other streamers by being ‘toxic’ or metagaming, placing spoilers about the games in other chats, during streams.

Controlling a rabid fanbase who are desperate to be a part of the broadcast is an almost impossible task, but Summit has already laid the foundations by following through on his April 1 reminder.

It remains to be seen if rogue viewers of his stream still attempt to metagame in the future, but at least the streamer is trying to reign it in before it gets completely out of hand.