Streamer with No Viewers Has Very Underwhelming Reaction to Shroud Hosting Him with 33,000 People

As any aspiring streamer will know, the best way to grow your stream and increase your followers on Twitch is to be blessed with a host from a popular streamer.

So when shroud hosts you with over 30,000 viewers, you would understandably be overjoyed – unless your name is Narsiq – a streamer who had less than 20 followers prior to shroud’s random act of generosity.

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Shroud, real name Michael Grzesiek is one of most popular names in live streaming and gaming entertainment generally, with over 3.5 million followers and regularly attracting thirty to forty thousand viewers concurrently.

Formerly a professional Counter-Strike player, shroud built his stream up on the foundation of fans he had from his time as a player before going full time with streaming last year.

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But like anyone else he knows the struggle of trying to grow a channel, a solid viewer base and following, so is known to occasionally bless a lesser known streamer with a large host.

Hosting is a feature offered to all Twitch users whereby they ‘host’ another streamer’s broadcast on their own channel, in turn sending their viewers to the other channel.

Perhaps for Narsiq though, who rarely pulled viewers in the double figures previously, it was all too much at once and the moment seemed to pass him by.

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Instead of the outburst of elation that would be expected when your viewer count suddenly jumps up to 30,000, Narsiq remained stoic and unmoved.

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Maybe his reaction will gain him a few extra fans that otherwise wouldn’t have thought twice about simply turning off the stream otherwise, once shroud had finished his.

And considering his underwhelming reaction has now garnered over 10,000 views he may have inadvertently increased his exposure even more so.