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Streamer stunned after drunk roommate destroys setup in a fit of rage

Published: 29/Feb/2020 19:34 Updated: 29/Feb/2020 19:36

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch streamer ‘True_Schu’ became embroiled in an unexpected altercation with his drunk roommate, who barged into his room during a February broadcast in a sudden fit of anger.

True_Schu is a regular streamer on Twitch, boasting a dedicated audience of over 13k followers, and is even partnered with competitive gaming organization Noble Esports.

While most of his broadcasts are filled with funny hijinks and epic gaming moments, a stream on February 28 erupted into chaos after his roommate took issue with something he’d purportedly said.

True_Schu, Twitch
Twitch streamer “True_Schu” was floored after his drunk roommate tried to take out his PC setup in a fit of rage.

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While the full video of True’s broadcast has been deleted, clips from the altercation show his roommate barging into view of the camera, clearly inebriated and angered that he’d allegedly been called a “r****d.”


“What the f**k did you say to me?” his roommate challenged. “Did you call me a r****d again? You just called me a f**king r****d!”

That wasn’t the end of his tirade: the roommate went on to grab the True’s webcam, as though angered the incident was taking place in front of an audience — something that the streamer also hoped to mitigate.

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“Stop,” True pleaded. “Stop messing with my stream. We’ll talk about it in the morning! …we can talk about this tomorrow!”

“No!” the housemate replied. “If you’re gonna call me a r****d, you’re gonna have problems with me.”


These “problems” continued to escalate until the roommate, going by the name “Bones,” tore down both True’s webcam and his monitor, leaving the screen dark as his mic captured their ensuing argument.

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“Bones, this is a problem, dude,” the streamer explained. “This is huge.”

“I don’t give a f**k, man!” Bones retorted.

A later clip shows the streamer’s housemate appearing to threaten him, getting right up in his face as though to intimidate him. “Never f**king say my name ever again, you hear me?” he commanded.

While True laughingly brushed off the altercation and returned to his stream, his fanbase has raised ample concerns for the situation in what many believe to be a good enough reason to give Bones the boot from his home.