Streamer Mizkif provides update after checking into mental hospital

Meg Bethany Koepp
Twitter: Mizkif

Popular Twitch streamer Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo provided a health update to his fans on Twitter on July 24 after he checked into a mental hospital following a panic attack.

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The 24-year-old has been open about his health before, revealing that he suffers from a heart condition known as viral myocarditis – an illness defined as inflammation of the middle layer of the heart.

In a Twitter statement on July 24, Mizkif opened up about his mental health and revealed that he’d checked into a mental hospital – but not before making fun of fellow streamer Alinity Divine’s ongoing cat abuse scandal.

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Why is Mizkif in hospital?

In a surprise tweet, Mizkif admitted that he’d checked into the facility following a high heart rate and a panic attack and had been there a “few days”.

“They dont let you have phones here so i gotta make this quick.” he tweeted. “Heart rate was over 150, panic attack, threw my cat. Now ive been stuck in a mental hospital for the past few days.”

The streamer then revealed that he’s due to go home on July 25: “I should be out tomorrow. I miss you all so much.”

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It is currently unclear whether Mizkif admitted himself to the hospital or whether it was for another reason, but his joke about Alinity’s cat drama shows that he’s still in high spirits despite the circumstances.

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Close friend and fellow streamer ‘mayahiga’ offered an update as to why she’d been absent from the platform, stating that she’d flown out to Jersey to be by his side. 

“couldn’t stream this week because I flew out to Jersey to be with Matt. sorry for not being able to update you guys, we’ll both be back soon” she tweeted.

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Mizkif is a popular face on Twitch and boasts almost 200,000 followers on the platform as of July 24.