Streamer Mitch Jones’ birthday party crashed by “police” in surprise raid

Thanks to the advent of IRL streaming, just about anyone can grab a camera and broadcast their daily lives for all to see, with some streamers showing off their nights on the town and crazy parties – one of which took a surprising turn, thanks to some unexpected “law enforcement.”

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Popular IRL Twitch streamer Mitch Jones is known for his hilarious broadcasts, capturing some downright ridiculous content as he goes about his daily life – but one of his streams took an absurd turn when his birthday party was crashed by what seemed to be local police.

Jones’ housemate and fellow streamer Kailey ‘Kbubblez’ was running the stream during the party when a man dressed as a police officer entered her home brandishing a flashlight, ordering party goers to “get down” as he made his way into the foyer.

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Kbubblez quickly handed the camera off to another attendee and claimed that she had to go “handle this,” seeming a bit too enthusiastic about the presence of police in her house – but, as it so happens, the “officer” wasn’t really an officer at all.

Later footage from the stream shows the “policeman” confronting a blindfolded Mitch Jones in his living room, later giving him a spank after seeming to examine his undercarriage with the flashlight he was holding.

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Rather than being a legitimate member of local law enforcement, the “officer” in question was actually a male stripper, called to the house to spice up the streamers’ party – which appeared to work, considering the laughter that erupted when the stripper gave Jones a lap dance.

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    Despite FaZe’s unfortunate end to their amped-up celebration, it looks like Mitch’s run-in with a male stripper made for a great night – and a hilarious VOD.