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Streamer explains why having a boyfriend won’t stop “creepy” viewers

Published: 21/Mar/2020 22:18

by Virginia Glaze


Finnish ASMR streamer ‘grilthegamer’ received some disturbing messages from an overly-enthusiastic fan on Instagram — proving that, despite openly being in a relationship, nothing will stop online creeps.

While being a popular online content creator might seem like the perfect job, it’s not necessarily an easy career path, with many social media personalities experiencing serious breaches of personal privacy.

Twitch streamer and “ASMRtist” grilthegamer is one such influencer, who detailed her disturbing experience with a fan who came into her chat asking to visit her in Finland, claiming that his uncle lived in the European country.

Ida_Draws, Instagram
Twitch streamer, artist, and cosplayer ‘grilthegamer’ explained how one “creepy” viewer tried to start a relationship with her after watching just one of her broadcasts.

However, that wasn’t the end of his odd advances toward the streamer; he went on to message her via Instagram after her broadcast had ended, explaining that he wanted to be in a relationship with her despite only watching her stream one time.

“‘Oh, I’m this dude from the stream, I love you so much and I think this is really real, and I want to make it work with you,’” she recounted his messages. “After one stream! And that’s the moment I knew, telling them you have a fiance — it doesn’t work!”

Despite being quite open about her current engagement, the streamer claims that there’s no upside to telling viewers about one’s relationship, noting that many donators will stop their contributions after realizing a streamer is officially off the market.

“It would be smarter to not make up any bulls**t, because the simps only give you money when you don’t tell them that you have a fiance,” she explained. “Or when they think that you are single. There would be no way why it would be beneficial for me to lie that I have a fiance.”

Despite joking about “simps” — a term that has gone viral in online spaces — her situation is not unique, with streamers across the net dealing with overenthusiastic fans who don’t understand personal boundaries, such as “Sweet Anita’s” stalker, who moved to her city and even slept outside her home.

Although they may share their lives online, streamers and content creators are humans like anyone else; but the issue of personal privacy and invasive messages doesn’t seem like a problem that’s going away anytime soon, as streaming continues to boom in popularity worldwide.


Twitch slammed for failing to moderate their own channel’s chat

Published: 24/Jan/2021 17:19

by Luke Edwards


Twitch has received backlash after the chat in its own official channel was full of hateful comments during the Participation Awards ceremony.

As part of Twitch’s celebration of its community, on January 23 it held a Participation Awards to commemorate the work of their streamers and the community.

The stream focused on using Twitch chat as a direct medium between the hosts and viewers. But, as the event was running, some, including partnered streamers, criticized Twitch for ineffectively moderating the messages in chat.

Twitch Logo Black Background
Twitch was criticized as hateful comments went unmoderated.

Twitch partner and variety streamer negaoryx called out the platform for allowing the chat to be ‘full’ of hate speech and harassment towards the guests and hosts of the awards.

“I am unfathomably angry at the lack of protection and care Twitch shows its marginalized creators,” she said.

“Users in chat are spewing hate speech & harassing the guest streamers. 3 mod names in the chat list but since I’ve been watching, have seen ZERO messages get deleted.

“I can’t even watch & enjoy this stream because I’m spending my time reporting every hateful, harassing comment I see. How hard is it to have even ONE person moderate these official Twitch streams?”

MsAshRocks, who appeared as the final guest on the stream, also urged Twitch to clamp down on hate speech. She said: “I mentioned a slither of fundraising for [BLM] protesters and they went wild LMAO.”

Tanya “CypherofTyr” DePass, director of gaming diversity non-profit I Need Diverse Games, echoed the calls, as she said: “It’s why I never watch the actual main Twitch/Twitch Gaming channels but host on mine so we have a safe spot to watch.”

Another Twitch partner, Imperial, praised negaoryx for speaking out and labeled the situation a “systemic problem” within Twitch.

She said: “I’ve had to call local police after doxing threats, so many racist comments and usernames that I saw no action on. Months of steady harassment. Do better.”

Twitch has not yet responded publicly to the situation.

This wasn’t the only debacle from the stream. It turns out that one of the awards was inadvertently handed out to a bot account, rather than a real person.

It’s been a turbulent few days for the platform, as users condemned their decision to ban a 15-year-old streamer with 90,000 followers because he had made his account when he was under 13. Meanwhile, other top streamers on the platform who also made their account when under 13 have gone unpunished.