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Streamer cut-off Twitch Rivals broadcast after hilarious sellout attempt

Published: 20/Feb/2019 9:57 Updated: 20/Feb/2019 17:34

by Connor Bennett


Some Twitch streamers have turned the ability to plug Twitch Prime into an art form, however, one streamer took it up a notch with a hilarious sellout attempt while he was on another stream.

Charlie, who streams under the name MoistCr1tikal, took part in the highly-lucrative Twitch Rivals Apex Legends event on February 19

However, it didn’t seem like the prize money or the glory of winning really took his interest, but instead, having the ability to sell out to a whole new audience via the main Twitch Rivals stream – even if the directors of the broadcast didn’t take too kindly to it.


Respawn EntertainmentCharlie and his squad didn’t have the most successful Twitch Rivals showing – but at least he got subscribers.

As the main stream focused on him and his squad, the streamer jokingly stated that his computer was being hacked during the game and needed to cut away from the action for a few moments.

However, all that had happened was that he’d minimized Apex Legends, headed to his Twitch channel and subscribed to himself using Twitch Prime. While his chat may have enjoyed what happened, the director running the Twitch Rivals stream clearly didn’t – quickly cutting away after moistCr1tikal had sold out.

The streamer isn’t the only one to try and plug the free subscription service while on a big stage and end up leaving people confused.


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    While many on the broadcast were confused at what he had said, his viewers understood the message as his Twitch channel received an immediate influx of Prime subscribers – showing that selling out clearly works, even if some people won’t thank you for doing so on their broadcast.