Streamer banned on Twitch for dangerous driving returns with dangerous driving stream

Connor Bennett

A Twitch channel which had been banned for broadcasting dangerous driving returned from their suspension with yet another reckless driving stream, prompting concern on social media. 

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On July 12, Twitch banned a handful of channels for dangerous streams driving, including the sister-run BriandKatie account. The sister streamers were seen eating ice cream and constantly adjusting the camera while streaming and driving simultaneously, prompting concerned comments from viewers.

After being handed an apparent seven-day suspension, the channel returned on July 18 and jumped back into streams revolving around their car journeys. Yet, they’ve come under fire again after broadcasting some high-speed action, although this time they were not behind the wheel.

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Twitch: BriAndKatie
The BriAndKatie account was struck down after the Teresi sister’s last driving stream.

During her July 19 stream, Bri Teresi had been hanging out with a friend in Beverly Hills, California before walking into a BMW dealership and managing to organize a test drive of a new car.

Instead of the usual drive around the block and parking lot, the pair were able to get a much longer ride for the majority of her stream. Instead of driving, as had landed her in trouble before, Bri sat in the back seat chatting to her viewers, while her friend floored the gas pedal and accelerated to high speeds – surging past other drivers.

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It wasn’t the only moment of reckless driving that viewers picked up on, however, as her friend continued to accelerate rapidly for a few moments.

Demonstrating the speed which they had hit, Bri sat with her hair completely out of sorts.

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Considering the channel’s history of issues with driving streams, a number of social media users took issue after seeing the clip.

Members of the Livestream Fail subreddit, like gprime021, commented: “Going mach 5 by a school bus, yep. Responsible people here.” Others noted how dangerous it is to speed in traffic, not only while on a test drive, but especially at rush hour. 

“She also asked the dealer guy in the passenger seat if he ever experienced a car crash with someone renting a car like this on a test drive. He said yes, then this guy proceeds to floor it during rush hour traffic. Not sure why the dealer guy is ok with this, but ok,” added another user.

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Some viewers, however, jumped to the streamer’s defense. While some pointed out that she wasn’t driving, others claimed that it wasn’t even a reckless display from her friend.

“Accelerating fast isn’t the same as driving high speed, I just want to point that out. Looks like he slows his acceleration as well, likely when he gets close to the speed limit,” added one Redditor. 

It remains to be seen if the channel lands in any more trouble or if the livestreaming platform is lenient considering the streamer wasn’t in control of the vehicle.