Streamer asks fans to stop DMing her after Valentine’s Day comments

QuarterJade, Twitch

Twitch streamer “QuarterJade” is begging fans to stop messaging her, after she made a hilarious remark in regards to their possible Valentine’s Day activities.

Valentine’s Day is almost here and partnered Twitch streamer “QuarterJade” knows exactly how some of her more enthusiastic fans might be spending the romantic holiday.

She joked about it in a February 11 broadcast, hinting that they might be using her photos and footage in a more inappropriate manner.

QuarterJade, Instagram
Twitch star “QuarterJade” had a hilarious request for fans, after she made a joke about Valentine’s Day.

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With such a possibility in mind, the streamer jokingly asked her viewers for “tribute” if they had ever used her content in such a way for a Valentine’s Day “tax.”

“There was a Tweet going around, and it was like, ‘If you’ve ever *** to me, you owe me a Valentine’s Day gift,’” she explained.

“I think I really would like to say that. If you’ve *** to me, you guys owe me a tribute. The f**king, one dollar tribute thing. Like, yeah! What is this, content for free?”

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Jade’s humorous “tribute tax” spawned more than mere jokes though; the streamer later revealed that her harmless comment prompted fans to send a horde of direct messages to her social media accounts after a clip of her statement appeared on the ‘livestreamfails’ sub-Reddit.

In fact, the messages were apparently so numerous that she asked her fans to stop trying to reach her in a broadcast merely a day later.

“I would just like to say, if you’ve seen the clip, one: No, I do not want your money,” she clarified. “Two, I don’t want your tributes. Three, stop DMing me, okay? Just an announcement to make. I didn’t know, and I’m clarifying now!”

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Although her joke made for a hilarious story, her request came as the result of fans potentially breaking boundaries, which can sometimes be an issue in the online world.

Other female broadcasters and personalities having reported instances of cyber-stalking and even IRL harassment due to their online fame, and it’s definitely something no one wants to have to deal with.

Thankfully, Jade’s situation is relatively harmless in comparison — although she isn’t interested in fans’ “taxed” donations, for the time being.

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