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Speedrunner claims he was kicked out of hotel at GDQ after being assaulted

Published: 27/Jun/2019 14:11 Updated: 27/Jun/2019 16:05

by Calum Patterson


Speedrunning competitor Dr. Fatbody has claimed that he was forcibly removed from the hotel hosting the 2019 Summer Games Done Quick event, after he was the victim of a random violent assault.

Dr. Fatbody, real name Kevin, was in attendance at the SGDQ 2019 event in Bloomington, Minnesota, when he claims the random assailant “sucker punched” him eight times at the bar.

Hotel staff at the DoubleTree by Hilton had him removed, according to series of tweets posted by Dr. Fatbody on June 26, despite the event staff at GDQ apparently being on his “side”.

Summer Games Done Quick is one of the biggest speedrunning events of the year.

Making matters worse, Dr. Fatbody claims that the attacker was provided a shuttle to the airport rather than being arrested, while he, despite apparently being the victim of the assault, was simply kicked out.


Additionally, he alleges that the attacker was selling drugs on the premises, and shared a photo of two men, one of which he says was the perpetrator, although doesn’t make clear which of the two mean he is referring to.

Having reached out to both DoubleTree and Hilton Hotels on social media, Dr. Fatbody says that he was told because it is a ‘franchised’ establishment, the head office is unable to intervene in the matter.

Games Done Quick is a bi-annual charity event, where of a variety of games are completed in ‘speedruns’. The livestream of the event is massively popular on Twitch, and the organizers have raised over $17 million for good causes since its inception in 2010.


The event has not been void of controversy in the past though, with another speedrunner banned from the ‘Awesome Games Done Quick’ event in January, after allegations of sexual harassment.

On this occasion, it appears it is the hotel staff, rather than representatives from the GDQ team, that are responsible for what Dr. Fatbody claims to have happened. He has confirmed on Twitter that he enjoyed the event regardless, and he will be back next time too. Dexerto has reached out to both parties for comment.