Sliker hilariously baits Twitch chat into thinking he'd finally got partnered - Dexerto

Sliker hilariously baits Twitch chat into thinking he'd finally got partnered

Published: 12/Oct/2019 9:49

by Connor Bennett


Popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive section on Twitch and scrolled past the ongoing tournaments will usually find Sliker dominating a match at some point. 

The popular British streamer, who has over 159,000 followers on the livestreaming platform, is still yet to receive a partnership from Twitch – which grants access to more channel support and the chance to use Twitch’s ‘bounties’ system to attain sponsorships. However, the ongoing battle to be recognized by Twitch has given him plenty of ammo to prank his loyal viewers. 

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Twitch: ItsSlikerSliker has become one of the most popular streamers on Twitch in recent months.

During his October 11 stream, the popular broadcaster had been keeping up with his regular routine of switching between CS:GO games and just chatting with his viewers when a break gave him the chance to pull off his prank. 


“Oh my god, oh my f**king god, I got partnered,” Sliker screamed as he jumped out of his chair and threw his headphones off. “I got partnered! oh my f**king god, holy s**t,” he added before turning the tables on his fans. 

The streamer quickly swapped to show his screen on-stream, which hilariously started playing a ‘Jebaited’ remix as Sliker got up and started dancing around his room. 

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While plenty of his viewers laughed at the joke, some asked him to get new material and called it an “old joke,” prompting an actual response from the streamer.  


“The people that are butthurt chat, actually believed it,” he said. “You already know when the people are actually butthurt they took it serious.”

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Even though it’s become a part of his schtick, Sliker’s quest to reach that elusive Twitch partner status continues to roll on as his channel grows in popularity by the day. 

It remains to be seen if the livestreaming platform will recognize his growing success or if he’ll just have to carry on forging his own path.