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Singer Ashnikko hits out at TikTok “straight boys” for using her song

Published: 16/Sep/2020 16:30

by Alice Hearing


Singer and rapper Ashnikko has hit out at TikTok “straight boys” for using her latest single ‘Daisy’ as a sound for their videos.

The blue-haired singer is a well-known voice on TikTok after her song ‘Stupid’ went viral on the platform. The song was used by some of the app’s biggest stars including Loren Gray, Josh Richards, and Avani Gregg. In total, the official track was used 2.4 million times.

Since then Ashnikko has enjoyed even more success and attention, having collaborated with other musicians such as Grimes and Brooke Candy.

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Instagram: Ashnikko
Ashnikko’s song Stupid went viral on TikTok

Her most recently released single ‘Daisy’ has been used by TikTok stars such as Abby Roberts and Caleb Finn. It’s also a sound frequently used for one of the latest trends where creators imagine themselves inside the Harry Potter universe.


Ashikko herself is an avid TikToker, frequently posting clips from her music videos or short comedy videos, and she’s earned 1.3 million followers as a result.

But when it comes to the use of her music, Ashnikko isn’t afraid to express her opinion. On Tuesday she duetted user @jacksonpassaglia who used ‘Daisy’ for a video, made faces of disgust, and wrote, “Please god no don’t let straight boys do this to my baby.”

@ashnikko##duet with @jacksonpassaglia plz god no don’t let straight boys do this to my baby♬ Daisy Ashnikko – purpletaaart

In the comments below she added, “the way this brought me straight back to my twilight phase, actual chills down my spine! Fear and terror.”


The video in question is captioned “pov a girl wants to become a vampire, like her bf” and uses two lines from the song: “I’m crazy but you like that, I bite back.” The rest of the dialogue is made up by Jackson to fit the scene he created.

Ashnikko even commented on the video itself saying, “yes Edward kill me!!”

Fans of the song were quick to agree with one user writing, “I’m so sorry we’ll get through this together.” Another person added, “Imagine making a video and the creator of the song you use makes a video gagging lmao.”


Obviously, sounds on TikTok are free for any creator to use, so Ashnikko might not have much luck stopping people, but she’s clearly not afraid to make the request.