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Shroud not a fan of “child’s game” League of Legends, compares it to Fortnite

Published: 19/Jul/2019 16:35 Updated: 14/Apr/2020 15:42

by Eli Becht


League of Legends by saying it was a game for kids and compared it to Fortnite.

Shroud has tried Fortnite out numerous times since he loves the battle royale genre but he’s never stuck around with the game for too long due to the childlike nature of the game, among several other things.

While shroud hasn’t outright condemned the game as often or as fiercely as his friendly rival Dr Disrespect has, he’s still had his share of problems with the game.

Twitch: shroud
Shroud is one of Twitch’s largest streamers so his opinions carry weight.

With that said, when shroud was asked by a fan if he’d ever play League of Legends, he quickly compared it to Fortnite in the most negative way imaginable.


“Play League?” he said during a match of Counter-Strike. “League’s a f*cking child’s game, dude. Are you kidding? It’s like the Fortnite of MOBAs.”

A lot of people share the sentiment that if a game has a more cartoony style of graphics then it means it’s automatically marketed towards children.

While people do often repeat this, it can be a bit of uninformed opinion, as games like Fortnite and League of Legends have among the biggest player bases in gaming. League of Legends had over 100 million registered players when it was last reported in 2017, and Epic CEO Tim Sweeney reported in February that Fortnite had 250 million players. Statistically speaking, not all of those players can be children.


Fortnite and League of Legends also lead the world in revenue for digital games, consistantly topping Superdata’s Worldwide rankings for both PC and console.

Each game has had their share of competitors but none have been able to quite topple them, whether that’s with having more players or a bigger presence on Twitch.

Although shroud had these words for League of Legends, he speaks for himself here it’s easily one of the most popular games in the world.