Shroud takes playful jab at Dr Disrespect as he recovers from his elbow injury


Shroud recently got into a major scooter accident that required surgery. In true Shroud fashion, he is already back to streaming and making jokes.

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In case you haven’t heard, Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was injured in a scooter accident that required elbow surgery.

He managed to fall on his left arm meaning he’d still be able to play games since his ‘aim’ would still be there.

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Respawn EntertainmentShroud took a friendly shot at Dr Disrespect during a recent stream.

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Amazingly, shroud missed very little stream time as he’s already back and gaming. He shared details about the accident in a recent stream where he revealed he was going 40 or 50 mph on his scooter and flew over the handlebars.

“I was probably going like 40 or 50,” he told his viewers. “I slammed on the breaks and I flew over the handlebars. I probably flew like 10 or 15 feet. I was in the air and everything went into slow motion, it was kinda cool, I purposely shifted my whole body to land on my left side. My whole left side is road rash and busted up, I didn’t land on my head, I kept my head up.”

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One would think you would ease back into things after an incident like this but shroud is already back to playing Apex Legends and taking playful shots at fellow streamers.

This jab was directed towards Dr Disrespect’s looting ability in Apex Legends.

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As shroud eases back into things he will have to shake a bit of rust off, meaning he might not be playing like his normal self for now. Instead, he might be playing like another popular streamer.

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“Goddamnit, I loot like fucking doc, bro,” he said as his chat rattled off the ‘LUL’ emote.

It’s obvious this was just another playful jab as Dr Disrespect and shroud are both good friends online and in real life.

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Now, we just have to wait for Doc to jab back.

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