Shroud responds to fans labelling streamers “sellouts”

Bill Cooney

Popular Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is confident sponsored streams are just something fans will have to get used to.

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While playing Apex Legends after a sponsored stream for The Division 2, shroud told viewers why he thinks sponsored streams are a positive thing.

“It’s really cool to see all the sponsored content happening, you know?” he told viewers. “It’s only getting bigger in terms of like people trying to sponsor streamers and YouTubers that do it.”

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More and more streamers doing sponsored streams, shroud claimed, would lead to less people calling those who do ‘sellouts’.

“It’s really cool. One: because obviously you get paid,” shroud said. “And two, the more that it happens, the less people are going to be like ‘wow sellout, wow this’, you know?”

At first, shroud said content creators were somewhat hesitant to do sponsored streams for fear of being labelled a sellout, but now it seems like the rewards are starting to outweigh that fear for more and more streamers.

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Besides getting paid, shroud said streamers aren’t being forced to say a sponsored stream’s games are must-haves either way.

“When you do a sponsored stream you don’t have to say it’s the best game in the world.” the streamer put forward. “You’re just there to play it and not blatantly be like, ‘this game is trash,’ and you don’t do that anyway.”

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If shroud’s correct, we’ll probably see a big increase in the amount of sponsored streams on Twitch and YouTube headed into 2019.