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Shroud relieved that he’s still a human aimbot following scooter accident

Published: 9/Apr/2019 9:03 Updated: 9/Apr/2019 10:35

by Calum Patterson


As a former professional CS:GO player, one of Micheal ‘shroud’ Grzesiek’s finest traits is his impeccable aim with a mouse – and the Twitch streamer is relieved to find it’s still intact, even after his brutal accident and surgery.

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What happened to shroud in the accident?

Shroud had just crossed the 100,000 subscribers mark on Twitch for the first time when disaster struck, as he flew over the handles of his motorized scooter at high speed.

He required multiple hospital visits and surgery after the accident punctured a hole in his left elbow, but as fate would have it, his right arm (a.k.a his aiming arm) was relatively unscathed.


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SHROUDShroud had to have surgery after the brutal accident.

Shroud returns to streaming and gaming after major surgery

Still, it took a few days before it was comfortable again for Grzesiek, and although he’s likely still not at his full capacity, his jaw-dropping accuracy is still on full display.

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    Snapping on an enemy taking cover behind a tree, his first kill was impressive enough, but when he swung round and instantly locked on to the second opponent, it was clear that his skills were unaffected by the accident and resulting surgery.

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    Clearly somewhat relieved, shroud fist pumped the air in celebration – a rare showing of emotion from the usually stoic Canadian.

    Although shroud may not be putting his keyboard and mouse talents to use in the professional scene any longer, those skills are still a big part of his current job as a full-time streamer.

    Currently, he is the second most followed Twitch streamer, only bettered by Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, and continues to grow rapidly, perhaps eyeing up the number one spot – although he still has a few million followers to go.