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Shroud provided post-surgery update, things aren’t looking good

Published: 30/Mar/2019 0:15 Updated: 30/Mar/2019 0:21

by Eli Becht


After a scooter injury left shroud with an elbow injury, shroud was initially able to stream through it but it doesn’t look like that will continue to be an option.

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Twitch streamer shroud recently flipped over the handlebars of his scooter and got into a major accident, resulting in a severe injury to his left elbow.

In true shroud fashion, he made sure to land on his left arm so it wouldn’t affect his aiming in shooters.

He very quickly got back to streaming but he provided another update that makes it sound like his streaming in the near future is very much in doubt.


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Shroud shared a grim update

Shroud underwent surgery for his elbow on March 29 and he shared an update about it on Twitter.

“Well surgery is done my arm hurts like hell,” he wrote. “Won’t be streaming for a while that’s for sure.”

That’s not good news to hear for fans as it sounds like he’ll be out for an extended period of time and away from streaming as he recovers.

On the bright side, if he was able to stream through the pain before, there appears to be a chance that he could return to streaming sooner rather than later.


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Shroud couldn’t have picked a worse time to get hurt

It’s not a good time for shroud to miss time streaming as he very recently cracking the elusive 100,000 subscriber count, something only Ninja was able to do before him.

He was on top of the streaming world at the time of his injury and depending on how much time he misses, he might not be on top for long as his subscribers will move onto other streamers to follow and watch.

Fellow streamer and friendly rival Dr Disrespect has enjoyed poking fun at shroud after the accident, even going as far as getting into an accident of his own on stream.


We’ll just wait to see what Doc has to say about this latest update.