Shroud proves he’s still a top PUBG player by punching his way to victory


Popular Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek proves that he is still a PUBG master by securing a victory with no gunplay involved.

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Even with the release of Apex Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds remains one of the most popular games in the battle royale genre, with top streamers still giving it a ton of playtime.

Shroud is no exception to this and showed viewers that he’s still harboring some serious PUBG skills in a video of his May 20 stream, by teaming up with Jake ‘chocoTaco’ Throop to obliterate the final duo with melee attacks.

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Shroud/TwitchThe final two duos battled it out melee-style for the winning position.

The two teams agreed to discard their body armor and weapons in favor of PUBG’s famous pan, which was placed on a rock in the middle of the arena.

Both duos then stood an equal distance away from the pan before rushing in to grab it, with ChocoTaco reigning victorious.

With no choice but to use his fists, shroud managed to down one member of the opposing duo with several punches before finally knocking them out with a strike to the head. 

ChocoTaco then killed the surviving member with the pan, securing the match win.

The clip is just as hilarious as it sounds, with both teams jumping around like headless chickens trying to whack each other in the head.

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Shroud confronts Apex Legends hacker

Apex Legends is another one of shroud’s go-to games and he recently confronted a hacker to find out the reason behind their cheating.

While playing a match on May 19, shroud found himself being unfairly crushed by an opponent and upon complaining to his audience, discovered that the cheater was watching his stream.

This prompted the former CS:GO pro to ask the hacker a series of questions, telling him to carve his answer into the rock face with bullets.

“The sad part isn’t that he’s cheating, the sad part is that he’s actually not bad at the game, and he’s cheating,” shroud said. “His movement’s pretty fucking good – if he just played normally he could do pretty well.”