Shroud has wholesome encounter with infamous PUBG stream sniper

Calum Patterson
Shroud / Twitch

Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek now has so many stream snipers that he knows them by name, and can recognize their voices, as shown in this hilarious encounter.

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PUBG is especially bad for the problem of stream snipers, and although it has managed to curb the issue with strict bans being enforced, big streamers like shroud can do little to avoid them.

Typically, stream snipers are nuisances, aiming to spoil streamers’ matches by eliminating them, but shroud has somehow bred an entirely different kind. In he past, he has had ‘snipers’ singing to him, congratulating him on good plays and even promoting his merch.

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shroud / Twitch
Shroud has had armies of stream snipers targeting him in the past.

Regardless of whether the streamer enjoys the stream sniper’s antics or not though, developers PUBG Corp. have been cracking down on the practice, banning accounts found guilty. Stream sniping shroud, who regularly attracts tens of thousands of viewers, is a sure fire way to getting your account banned of course, as happened to infamous sniper ‘Thundermonty’.

On May 22, shroud heard a player call out randomly “good job Mike”, and instantly recognizing the voice, found Thundermonty himself lurking in a nearby building. 

“Thunder – is that you?” shroud asked. “Yeh, I finally got unbanned after a month”, Thunder replied. When asked what he was banned for, he confessed plainly “for doing this.”

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Then admitting that stream sniping was “actually not fun anymore”, Thunder says a quick goodbye and runs off, before shroud puts him down.

Some shroud fans may remember Thundermonty’s previous escapades, when he threw a molotov into an ‘army’ of stream snipers, causing absolute chaos.

Shroud has taken a step back from PUBG in recent months, with games like Apex Legends and Rainbow Six: Siege capturing his attention, but undoubtedly the best stream sniping moments have all come from his time on Bluehole’s battle royale title.

No one can forget the classic singer-songwriter stream sniper of Flawks, who serenaded him with the classic ‘Wadu Hek’ song – itself a tribute to another shroud stream sniper, Wadu.

PUBG is right to stamp out the stream sniping problem, but for shroud specifically, it seems to have moved past a ‘problem’ to an expected part of playing the game and entertaining his viewers.

Unfortunately, Thundermonty will likely be facing another ban for his most recent violation.