Shroud Gives His Opinion on Streamer Drama and Twitch Chat

by Scott Mahoney


It’s entertaining for everyone when banter between streamers heats up, but Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has some fascinating insight on the matter.

Twitch, in particular, has an interactive chat and users of the streaming service may be familiar with how quickly things can get out of control in the chat.


Former CS:GO, professional player, Shroud has become one of the largest battle royale streamers on Twitch.

The streamer has tens of thousands of viewers every time he goes live, and from time-to-time, he imparts wisdom on his audience.

In this instance, he narrows in on streamer drama and how that drama can evolve into something toxic in the Twitch chat.


The former CS:GO pro wants viewers to understand streams are more enjoyable when the viewers are not as emotionally involved:

“It’s fun when streamers bicker and kind of like talk shit to each other in the game. That’s great, but like the message that gets received or sent when that happens is so wrong it’s crazy.

Ya’ll need to relax. If you want to enjoy, this just relax on your fingers.

Keyboard warriors just relax. Just watch. You don’t have to type in Twitch. You don’t have to. I know Twitch chat is a very very big thing that’s why so many people love instead of YouTube and all that other shit, their chats just not as cool.

But, just, you don’t need it. Just relax with your little fingers.  Just relax, enjoy the good fun. Let them talk shit to each other and have some good banter.”


Shroud is no stranger to streamer drama, and he has certainly seen his fair share of bystanders taking the drama to the next level.

Though it is unlikely that many viewers will heed this advice, it is important to have a conversation around viewers inserting themselves in streamer drama.