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Shroud explains why summit1g makes him want to be a GTA RP criminal

Published: 21/Aug/2019 19:42 Updated: 21/Aug/2019 20:10

by David Purcell


Michael ‘GTA RP, but did he really follow in Jaryd ‘summit1g‘ Lazar‘s footsteps and start a life of crime? 

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The online roleplaying mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 has taken Twitch by storm in 2019 and is on the up again in August, with a number of high profile streamers such as these – and even Dr Disrespect – showing interest in the flourishing scene. 

Players are given the opportunity to forge their own destinies in the NoPixel server, on which the game is played, as well as create characters that they develop. But a life of RP crime has been calling shroud.


Rockstar GamesPlayers can choose to join the police force in GTA RP, but will summit be heading for another direction?
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During a broadcast on August 20, the former CS:GO pro player revealed his admiration for what summit has done to form one of the most wanted criminals in GTA RP, who goes by the name of Charles Johnson. 

“I was watching summit do GTA RP and watching him play made me really, really, really badly want to go with the criminal life,” shroud said. “Basically, because it’s easier. Being a criminal is so much easier. I now understand why so many people love it.”

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If you thought this suggested a life of crime was waiting for shroud when he jumped into the game, he soon ruled that out as an option – describing it as a potentially “lazy” approach to take. 


“The reason why I want to be a cop is because it’s hard,” he explained. “The hard route, learn the protocols, learn the laws of the server, learn the rules, learn all of the codes and all of the bullshit and become a cop. The downside is that that learning is going to take much longer.”

The streamer went on to become a cop in GTA RP, but the whole signing up process never exactly went to plan as he was struck down by another officer. 

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While his first day as part of the police force in Los Santos might well have been an entertaining one, shroud won’t be sticking to the game for as long as some viewers might like. 


With the release of World at Warcraft: Classic coming on August 26, he has revealed that the new game will have his full attention for at least two weeks on Twitch, meaning a brief hiatus is in the pipeline on the roleplaying game.