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Shroud on where Minecraft and Rust rank against the best games of all time

Published: 6/Aug/2019 10:00 Updated: 6/Aug/2019 10:40

by Matt Porter


Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time, and CS:GO, the Canadian has turned his attention to streaming, and played a host of highly-rated games for his audience such as Apex Legends, PUBG, and even Overwatch.

While many would automatically think that the 25-year-old would stick to his FPS roots when discussing the greatest games ever made, shroud instead turned his attention to two games that couldn’t be further from the genre – Rust and Minecraft.

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Twitch: shroudShroud has tried out both Rust and Minecraft on stream in the past.

When a viewer in his chat stated that Rust was “boring,” shroud immediately defended the game, explaining that while he couldn’t play it due to stream snipers, it’s an incredibly fun game – even labeling it as “one of the best games you can buy.”


“That may be going a bit far?” read the streamer from his Twitch chat. “No, Rust is incredible. It’s not going a bit far at all. It’s one of the best games you can buy on PC. 100%, without a doubt.”

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Rust isn’t the overall winner as the greatest game of all time though, with shroud agreeing with another audience member who brought Minecraft into the conversation.

The Canadian stated: “Not better than Minecraft though, true. Minecraft might be the best game of all time, you’re right. That game will always just age perfectly.”


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Thanks to content creators like Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, Minecraft has undergone a huge renaissance, and even shroud got in on the act by playing the game in virtual reality to the delight of his audience. 

The streamer enjoyed his VR adventure in the game, and based on his latest comments, it seems like he isn’t finished with the game he describes as “one of the best ever.”