Shroud hit by ‘blue screen of death’ after 25 hour WoW Classic stream

Twitch: Shroud / Wikipedia

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was exhausted after streaming for 25 hours straight on World of Warcraft Classic’s release day, and so was his computer.

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In an eventful 25 hour stream full of shenanigans, shroud’s PC hit him with a blue screen of death right as he was wrapping up his marathon. 

The tired shroud had logged out of World of Warcraft just a minute before his computer decided to give up the ghost while loading up

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“My computer just ‘blue screened’,” he said. “Wow. Interesting. My gaming computer just hella ‘blue screened’. Okay, weird. Good timing I guess? Meant to be? Very strange. It just ‘blue screened’ when I was trying to load up”

It seemed to be perfect timing for shroud, who looked absolutely drained from the long stream. After 24 hours of queuing to get into the game, then queuing in-game to kill mobs while running around with his guild mates, he was depleted.

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Shroud managed to grind his Shaman from level one to level 25 on WoW Classic’s opening day, and has now considered himself completely invested into the game until he hits his goal of level 60.

“God this is such a grind, I can’t believe I’m committing this much into WoW. What the f*** is wrong with me. F***. I mean I’m down, I’m down, I want to hit 60, and I don’t want to be too f***ing late. I want to be like there, you know what I mean? I want to be attuned, I want to be ready to do [Molten Core].”

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Shroud is no stranger to long streams and blue screens. In February 2018, his PC crashed while playing a game of PUBG, while he has been holding marathon streams since his first 40 hour marathon in 2014.

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He will be live again at 2pm ET on August 28 to continue grinding on the road to level 60.

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