Scoreboard for Punches Landed in KSI vs Logan Paul Fight Shows a Surprising Winner

The much anticipated boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul ended in somewhat anti-climatic fashion, as judges ruled the fight a majority draw – but the punches landed stat tells a different story.

One judge gave the edge to KSI, but the other two couldn’t pick the two apart, and so settled for a draw. However, the score for punches landed tells a different story entirely. 

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Logan Paul himself shared the scoreboard, however it must be noted that this is not an official source by any means.

It comes from YouTube channel ‘Artorias Boxing 2nd’, with the punches manually counted by the creator and shown in the video, with short pauses for each punch landed.

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However, you may notice that some of the punches which are counted in the video are far from clean hits, and so the judges in the venue may have not included these in their own count.

Many of the hits shown are hopeful jabs and hooks at best, and only scuff the opponent lightly. Regardless, the count is still heavily in favor of Logan Paul with a score of 64-46 in his favor.

Paul posted the count on his Twitter page, responding to KSI’s own tweet shortly after the fight, in which the British YouTube claimed it was “clear” that he had beaten Paul.

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The official score from the three judges obviously does not align with this however. The judge giving KSI the edge had it at 58-57, while the other two had it tied at 57-57.

It also contradicts what many fans in the venue reported as well, as social media seemed in favor of KSI. It should be noted though that it was a majority UK crowd.

YouTuber KEEMSTAR said it was clear to everyone in the venue that KSI had won, and that even Logan’s family and friends looked defeated and prepared for the result not to go their way, immediately after the fight.

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The rematch between the two is expected in early 2019, by the end of February at the latest, and surely a definitive winner will be settled that time around.