Rookie Twitch streamer falls for the oldest trick in the book

A brand new Twitch streamer was left red in the face after falling for one of the oldest tricks in internet history, and the hilarious clip has since went viral. 

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As one of the most popular website around, Twitch can be hard to navigate at times for even the most seasoned veterans. Whether you’re a viewer or broadcaster, you have got to make sure you don’t break the rules if you want to carry on enjoying yourself.

Yet, sometimes it’s not even being afraid of breaking the rules or guidelines that streamers need to be aware of, but rather not allowing their chat to run riot with jokes and stream disrupting trolls. 

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Twitch: BlazingOakGamingBlazingOakGaming is brand new to Twitch and fell right into a well laid trap.

During his July 28 stream, which was set to last 24 hours from the outset, BlazingOakGaming was only a few minutes into his broadcast when viewers began requesting for the slow mode chat settings to be turned off. 

As he is new to the Twitch game, the streamer immediately sought advice from chat members as he claimed not to know his commands. Of course, one joker was able to convince him to fall for the oldest trick in the book. “Alt four f? I’ll try it,” he stated before immediately shutting down his stream. 

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Despite the brief mishap, the streamer saw the funny side of things after his quick break. “I don’t know any of my chat commands, I deserved that probably,” he said after making his return to the camera.

The streamer continued on, explaining how it was so easy to trick him: “Guys, I’ve been streaming for like three weeks so y’all can pull over pretty much any wool over my eyes that you need too.” Yet, despite apologies from the trolls, he laughed it off: “Stuff like that. You know, it’s annoying for a second but it’s pretty funny.” 

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Nevertheless, BlazingOakGaming has since carried on with his new streaming venture and managed to maneuver through the internet’s minefield of jokes without any more slip-ups. 

If he does want to take Twitch a little more seriously, though, he may want to grab himself that ever-trusty Nightbot, as well as some eagle-eyed moderators, especially if this sort of thing goes viral again.