Pro PUBG player gets Twitch ban warning over 'violent' Minecraft video - Dexerto

Pro PUBG player gets Twitch ban warning over ‘violent’ Minecraft video

Published: 7/Aug/2019 20:34 Updated: 7/Aug/2019 22:42

by Brent Koepp


Pro PUBG player Anssi ‘AndyPyro’ Huovinen claims that he has been given a ban warning from Twitch on August 7 after watching a ‘violent’ Minecraft video on one of his streams.

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There are a lot of things that can get you banned on Twitch – from accidentally hosting nudity, to posting hateful content.

But now we can add watching ‘violent’ Minecraft videos to the list, as Method pro player AndyPyro was allegedly issued a ban warning after watching such content while streaming.

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Twitch issued AndyPyro with a warning

On August 7, the Finnish pro posted on Twitter that he had allegedly been given a ban warning from Twitch for watching a ‘violent Minecraft video’ that was hosted on YouTube.


“Ok lads we got a ban warning from Twitch moderation team for watching violent Minecraft video from Youtube. Also apparently my balls been hanging in the sauna for the camera. Let’s be more careful in the future,” he tweeted.

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This baffled his many fans as to what a violent Minecraft video could even be. People were initially quick to anger, leading some to claim this was another example of Twitch unfairly enforcing the rules.

The PUBG pro then clarified what the video was, and posted a link. “This video apparently is against TOS, be carefull what you watch from youtube. Warning, core content, blood violance and sexual content.” he tweeted. 


(The following video includes graphic depictions of sexual assault.)

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People changed their minds after seeing the video

The video the Finnish pro linked to was a disturbing animation that depicts Steve the Minecraft protagonist violently beating up and enacting sexual assault on a Creeper.

While people were initially confused how anyone could possibly get a ban warning for Minecraft content, users over at Reddit quickly changed their opinion once they saw the video. 

RedditUsers on Reddit felt the ban warning was justified after seeing the disturbing video.
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It doesn’t seem like AndyPyro will be in any trouble as he was just issued a warning. But now we know that ‘violent’ Minecraft videos are actually a thing.