Popular Streamer m0E Banned Indefinitely From Twitch For “Hateful Behaviour” After Using Homophobic Slur


Long time Twitch streamer Mohamad “m0E” Assad has been handed an indefinite ban from the platform, resulting from his reported use of a homophobic slur.

Amazon-owned website Twitch has been cracking down recently on what it calls “hateful conduct”, having issued a similar ban to another popular streamer “Destiny” in recent days.

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m0E, best known for streaming a variety of games including CS:GO and Fortnite, and was previously a professional Counter-Strike player gained popularity (or notoriety – depending on who you ask) for his often rage-filled broadcasts.

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He is a charismatic character and so it is no wonder he has attracted many loyal fans, but in equal measure has his detractors, who m0E has suggested started a “witch hunt” resulting in his ban.

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m0E was open in his admission of using the homophobic term in a recent apology posted to Twitter, saying he had made efforts to curb using the word, as it had become a habit of sorts.

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He has now deleted this apology tweet after it received considerable backlash, which he says surprised him.

On July 1st, m0E posted the message he received from Twitch confirming his ban, followed up by a string of posts explaining his disgruntlement at the decision.

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Surprisingly, m0E also posted the clip which has apparently led to his ban. He explains that he wants to stop saying the word, but also that it is “one of his favorite words of all time.”

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Considering Twitch’s recent crackdown, it is unsurprising m0E was eventually banned for the contents of the clip, regardless if it was brought the website’s attention due to the “witch hunt” as he suggests.

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*Update – m0E has now posted on Twitter stating that it is a 30 day ban, presumably having been in contact with Twitch, but says he still doesn’t view the ruling as fair.

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