Popular Streamer Lirik Hits Out at “Jealous” Haters Who Say Streaming is an Easy Job

One of the most popular live streamers on Twitch Saqib ‘Lirik’ Zahid, has hit out at those who say he is not allowed to complain about being a full time streamer because it is the “dream job”.

Lirik, who has amassed a huge following on the Amazon owned streaming platform, has previously expressed difficulties he has experienced from the pressures and burn out of being a full time streamer.

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While from an outside perspective, the ability to earn a very solid living from essentially playing video games daily, seems like one of the best jobs in the world for many avid gamers.

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However, as Lirik and other popular names in streaming have stated in the past, it is perhaps not as easy as it seems ostensibly.

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Back in January 2018, Lirik himself took a break from streaming on the platform, and from the internet generally, saying it was “getting tiring, mentally, living in meme land every day” and that it had taken a toll on him.

He is now back to streaming regularly, but has a new bone to pick – namely with “failed broadcasters who are extremely jealous”, who criticize successful streamers should they dare to say a bad word about the ‘dream job.’

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He explained his point of view in a series of Tweets:

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Lirik has certainly grown a following which would earn him a very decent living, with his streams regularly attracting over 20,000 concurrent viewers.

However, perhaps the old saying “if it was easy everyone would be doing it” is fitting in this scenario, as Lirik clearly feels there needs to be a shift in attitude about the pitfalls of being a full time streamer.