Popular streamer CouRage finds a hilarious way to advertise his Twitch and Fortnite creator code live on TimTheTatman’s stream

Anyone who knows of popular streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop knows that he is the king of advertising his content to the public.

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Ever since he transitioned to a full-time content creator back in March, CouRage has come up with more and more interesting and cunning ways to plug his Twitch stream and social media, especially when it comes to promoting the use of Twitch Prime on his channel. 

Now, the former Call of Duty World League caster has come up with perhaps his most hilarious way yet, as he managed to advertise his stream and Fortnite creator code live on the channel of his friend and fellow streamer ‘TimTheTatman.’

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Every stream, Tim dedicates time to reading donations and viewing links, which CouRage took full advantage of by donating $70 to become the top donator and get Tim’s attention. 

The unsuspecting Tim opened the link only to see CouRage’s face staring back at him, which turned out to be an unlisted YouTube video that he had linked in the donation.

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It was a classic move on CouRage’s part, and a cunning use of the top donation to lure Tim into taking the bait. Even so, he was right in what he said in the tweet, Tim should have certainly seen it coming.

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That fact that the trick worked could inspire him to continue using it with other popular streamers and content creators, and further his position as the king of Twitch Prime.

At the end of the day, this is all just for fun and jokes, but even so, if even a few viewers get swayed to subscriber and follow CouRage as a result of these cunning plugs, it makes it all just that much sweeter.