Popeyes fires employee for TikTok of coworker trashing restaurant over not getting paid

popeyes employee trashes restaurantTikTok/itsrah26

A Popeyes Chicken employee who filmed her coworker trashing the restaurant for not paying him says she’s been fired after her TikTok video went viral.

An employee fed up with a Chicago Popeyes for not paying him for a month went viral after he destroyed the chicken joint in retaliation.

Footage of the incident was posted to TikTok late in April showing an unnamed employee dumping raw chicken and fries on the floor, knocking over equipment and even destroying the restaurant’s payment system.

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The video was first uploaded to TikTok by user ‘itsrah26,’ who also worked at the Popeyes, but it seems like she got in a lot of trouble for posting the clip, because she claims that she got fired for doing so.

Popeyes employee fired for uploading TikTok of restaurant trashing

In a follow-up video, itsrah said she had no idea her original video would be viral and blow up and Popeyes contacted her district manager in an attempt to get the TikTok taken down.

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“Because of this video, I got fired. They tried to give me the option of taking the video down or being fired, so I just left,” she explained.

While itsrah says she doesn’t care about the job, she thinks that Popeyes was still selling the chicken that had been left on the floor.

“I didn’t clean up, I don’t know what they did, but I definitely did see them putting it in a bag, not in the garbage, so I’m guessing that they did sell it,” she added.

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The former Popeyes employee further said that she doesn’t know if her ex-coworker had been arrested or not, or even if the man ended up finally getting paid, but he did take some from the register before leaving.

Regardless, users in the comments have taken itsrah’s side with one even encouraging her to take legal action against the chicken restaurant.

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