Pokimane slams Alinity for “messed up” cat abuse after clips go viral

Twitch: Pokimane/Alinity

Popular Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys was left in shock after watching two now-viral clips of fellow streamer Alinity Divine, which have been widely criticized as animal abuse. 

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On a July 18 stream, Alinity was playing Apex Legends when her cat, Milo, seemingly got in the way of her ability to play, and she responded by simply throwing the cat up over her head, and out of shot. 

This has since been paired with a clip from around a year ago, which shows Alinity spitting vodka into another cat’s mouth. The two incidents have led to widespread criticism online, including from animal welfare charity PETA and British comedian Ricky Gervais

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Instagram: AlinityAlinity’s pets are seen regularly on her stream.
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Now, though, Twitch’s most popular female creator, Pokimane, has weighed in on the issue, and it’s fair to say she is not impressed with fellow streamer’s behaviour. On July 19, with the community still in uproar over Alinity’s behaviour, Pokimane reviewed the clips after being encouraged by her viewers. 

A cat owner herself, Pokimane couldn’t believe what she was watching: “She did deadass yeet the cat. That’s messed up! Especially because you can’t see what’s around her. Like if I picked Mimi up, and I tossed her to the side here, she would land on my bed… but also I wouldn’t overhand yeet her, that’s a little bit much.”

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She then followed the Twitter thread to the aforementioned clip of Alinity spitting vodka into her cat’s mouth, which provoked Ricky Gervais to say that there are “so many stupid people in the world”. 

After spitting the vodka into the cat’s mouth, Alinity begins to laugh, but Pokimane definitely didn’t see the funny side. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed. “Oh my god, that poor cat. Sorry like, I have a Mimi so this shit – seeing a cat freak out like this! Aw, poor honey! And she tries to play it off as ‘oh haha you see it’s vodka?’ But deep down she knows it’s pretty messed up.” 

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Given the backlash, Alinity made a public apology on Twitter on July 19, but many members of the Twitch community, and beyond, were unforgiving, and argued that she deserves a ban from the platform. 

While Pokimane is rarely a controversial figure, it seems Alinity cannot keep out of viewers’ bad books, as she once again stirs up controversy with her on-stream actions.