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Entertainment • Oct 06, 2019

Alissa Violet "leaks" her own nudes in wake of hacker threats

Alissa Violet "leaks" her own nudes in wake of hacker threats
Alissa Violet, Instagram / Freepik

YouTube star Alissa Violet parted ways with FaZe co-owner Ricky Banks in early July, after the two posted about getting into a fight on social media - and some thought their breakup may have prompted one of Violet’s subsequent posts.


The YouTuber posted a risque photo to social media on October 5, where she posed naked, covering her cleavage with one hand.

Many fans worried that the sensitive photo may have been leaked by a jealous Banks, in lieu of infamous revenge scandals - but Violet claims otherwise.


In a series of direct messages to celebrity media outlet “The Bread Batch,” Violet explained that she’d chosen to release the photo herself after being allegedly threatened by hackers, clarifying that the picture had nothing to do with Banks.

“It literally has nothing to do with Banks,” Violet wrote. “A hacker was threatening me to leak it, so I just posted it. ...all my tags are thinking Ricky’s threatening to leak them, which is not true.”


While Banks has yet to make a statement regarding fans’ worries, it doesn’t look like either party has completely moved on from their split, with the star posting a lengthy message to his Instagram story that seems to point to their breakup.

FaZe Banks, Instagram
FaZe Banks' Instagram post could be a pointed message toward his ex-girlfriend.


Violet wouldn’t be the first internet star affected by hackers, as of late, either: in fact, she’s just the latest in a string of recent hacks, with names like James Charles and Shane Dawson likewise affected by a group of internet thugs.

Charles was similarly threatened with leaked nudes, and, much like Alissa Violet, decided to “leak” them himself, posting a photo of his derriere for the entire internet to see.


“Just in case I ever get hacked again, here’s the ONLY nude I’ve ever taken!” Charles replied to the hackers. “Can’t threaten me with it now. Get a life.”

It seems that Violet has opted for a similar course of action in posting her photo - although whether these hackers are the same group that struck Charles and Dawson remains to be seen.

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