Pokimane responds to viral post claiming she’s Mexico’s new President

pokimane and viral Twitter post about mexicoPokimane / Instagram

A fake Twitter post has gone viral claiming that Twitch and YouTube star Pokimane has swapped her career as a content creator for the most powerful political post in Mexico – and she couldn’t help but respond. 

Mexico’s sitting President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has not yet responded publicly to the reports that Pokimane has taken office in his country.

However, he may be confused if he’s to scroll Twitter, because there is a really weird rumor going viral – a Twitch streamer is not just after his job, she’s taken it!

Pokimane next Mexico President? Viral tweet debunked

It doesn’t take a genius to know the answer – No, Twitch star Pokimane is not going to be the next President of Mexico. 

However, over 35,000 people have been getting behind a post that claims she is.

By its own definition, the account can typically be seen posting about “wacky things” related to popular personalities, from Spongebob to Super Mario. Apparently, Poki falls into that category.

On March 23, a tweet from Anything Bot went viral, saying: “Pokimane has become President of Mexico.”

Not that she’s going to become President, or standing in an election to take the country’s most powerful political post, but that she’s taken up office overnight. Imagine!

The comment was so wild that the content creator herself had to get involved. Though, her reply didn’t exactly rule it out. Carrying on the joke, she said: “Gracias,” or ‘thank you’ (for non-Spanish speakers).

In just a few seconds, a bot account called ‘Explaining Pokimane’ followed up with an apparent explanation of what she was saying. It said: “Poki is saying “thank you” as she has been appointed as president of Mexico.”

While some of her fans across Latin America might like to see her take on a Presidential role in Mexico, even if it was a joke for a day, it’s never going to happen.

She did play along though, and it’s probably the weirdest story you’ll read all week.