Piers Morgan Challenges KSI on National Television for Title of King of the Internet


YouTuber KSI made a special appearance on British television show ‘Good Morning Britain’, as he promotes his upcoming boxing fight against Logan Paul.

With over 18 millions subscribers on YouTube, KSI is the most popular Briton on the website, and made his appearance on Good Morning Britain the same day as the first UK press conference for the KSI vs Logan Paul fight.

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Piers Morgan, host for Good Morning Britain, is a popular internet figure in his own right – even beating out KSI for Twitter followers by over 2 million.

So the two went head-to-head, tweeting ‘I am the king of the internet’ at the exact same time to see who could generate the highest number of retweets by the show’s end, and KSI won resoundingly.

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KSI’s appearance on the show was typical for an ‘internet’ celebrity being brought into the spotlight of mainstream media. Questions revolving around what he does, why it’s so popular and the lifestyle it allows him to lead.

He also went into detail about the fight itself, discussing his training with professional boxer Viddal Riley and even some sessions with members of the Mayweather family.

Piers then grilled him on how much money he is making from his internet fame, but KSI remained modest, saying only “I’m doing alright.”

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The press conference will take place on July 18th at the York Hall in London, where KSI will come face to face with his opponent Logan Paul once again.

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Logan’s brother Jake will also be in attendance, squaring off against KSI’s sibling ‘ComedyShortsGamer’, better known as Deji.

You can find all the information and live stream for the press conference right here.