PewDiePie's mom gave perfect rendition of 'Bitch Lasagna' at his wedding - highlights and more - Dexerto

PewDiePie’s mom gave perfect rendition of ‘Bitch Lasagna’ at his wedding – highlights and more

Published: 26/Aug/2019 18:25 Updated: 7/Dec/2021 13:41

by Brent Koepp


In the August 26 episode of Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg’s ‘Last Week I Asked You’, the YouTube king reacted to memes about his wedding, and revealed new details about the celebration, including his mom singing one of his infamous diss tracks.

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PewDiePie is having the best year of his life after he married his girlfriend of 8 years Marzia ‘CutiePie’ Bisognin on August 19, and shortly after hit the 100 million subscriber YouTube milestone on August 25.

In the latest episode of LWIAY, the Swede reacted to memes about his marriage, and also revealed new details about the wedding, including a pretty hilarious moment featuring his mom.


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Bitch Lasagna 

Reacting to a fan submission about his other track ‘Congratulations’, the YouTube star said he was bummed that they didn’t play the song at the wedding before revealing that his other diss track ‘Bitch Lasagna’ actually made a cameo at the event.

“I am so bummed out that we didn’t play it at the wedding. It would have been so perfect. We did play Bitch Lasagna and my mom sang it at the top of her lungs. And it was a very wholesome, fun moment,” the Swede said, before breaking into laughter.

Bitch Lasagna is a diss track aimed at competitor channel T-Series, who went head-to-head with the YouTuber in the race to reach 100 million subscribers.


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When he read a fan’s submission about his and Marzia’s anniversary, the Swede opened up about how the couple decided their wedding date would be on the same day, and that they feared it would tip people off to it.

“And it’s also our wedding day. We thought for sure people would figure it out. Like with the date being so obvious and people knew it would happen this year. We were just worried press would come, or something crazy. But it didn’t. Everything went perfect, I’m so happy!” he said.

On the topic of taking his wedding photos, the YouTube King said that he wasn’t able to bring his infamous dogs Edgar and Maya to the venue to take photos. “We sadly could not bring them to that venue. But we did do some photos with them the day before.”


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Honeymoon vlog

One fan suggested PewDiePie should vlog his honeymoon, and the Swede announced that he would be making a video on it. “One video. You’ll get one video and that’s it. Man, I can’t wait. I’m going to be surfing. That’s my dream. Not think about uploading!” he laughed.

The Swede also said that he would be doing a 12-hour Minecraft live stream after he got back from his honeymoon, and even entertained the idea of making it a charity event to raise money for the Amazon rainforest, or other causes. 

(Timestamp of 00:30 for mobile viewers.)


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PewDiePie recently ‘ended’ his Minecraft series with an epic battle with the Ender Dragon on August 25.