PewDiePie subjects Jack Black’s Minecraft chicken to endless torture

YouTube: PewDiePie, Jablinski Games / Mojang / Microsoft

After being banished by his Minecraft dog Sven in the September 9 episode, YouTube star Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg went off the deep end after he found the culprit he believed to be responsible for the death of his pet’s husband.

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During the September 9 episode, Sven’s husband met his untimely death and the heartbroken pet banished Pewds off of his land. In his September 14 video, the Swede began to feel the effects of being alone, as he settled into his new life.

As the YouTuber contemplated the ways that he would pass the time, he was approached by the chicken he gave to Jack Black in their collaboration video, and it dawned on the Swede that the animal was there the day of the death.

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PewDiePie tortured Jack Black’s Minecraft chicken

“Feigi, what are you doing here? Here to comfort me? Lies. You were there that day, Feigi. Someone needs to be held responsible for what happened. And I know just the trick how to make you talk,” the YouTube star said.

In his attempt to get to the truth, Pewds began to exhaustively try to break the chicken and make it confess that it was responsible. He started off by taking the animal down to a torture chamber he had built. 

“Yes, I’ll make you talk. I’ll make you reveal who finally you are working for,” the Swede said as he escorted the chicken to a torture device. “This could stop any moment. Just tell me who you’re working for.” Hilariously the attempt failed, when the chicken revealed that he liked it, and that it felt like a back massage.

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Pewds then revealed his true plan, as he fashioned a diabolical torture device using bells. As the sound of bells blared and rang over and over again he screamed “You like this Feigi! Just tell me why you are really here. I know you are lying!”

(Timestamp of 02:08 for mobile viewers.)

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The Swede then turned things up a notch, and suspended the chicken over a pit of fire after repeatedly failing to get the animal to talk. “I’m getting sick of this I’m going to have to use more desperate means of negotiation!” he exclaimed, after setting fire beneath him. “Is there no getting through to you?!”

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He then turned to his last resort and decided to just throw it off a massive tower, only to immediately regret it when he realized it had designed a fire that spelled out “I love you”. Miraculously, the chicken survived, and the YouTube star buried the hatchet with him and the two bonded.

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The new friendship was short lived however, after the Swede was tricked into giving the animal a diamond which turned him into a massive boss that attacked him. It was soon revealed that Jack Black’s chicken was working for his nemesis Water Sheep. “Feigi, why?! I should have known, you work for Water Sheep!”

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Pewds then struck him down for good, before making the journey back to his base. On a more positive note, Sven accepted him back, ending his banishment, and relieving him of his temporary insanity.

YouTube: PewDiePiePewDiePie gifted the chicken to Jack Black during their July 23 charity video.
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PewDiePie continues his reign as his Minecraft series is more popular more than ever. As of the time of this article, the YouTube king boasts over 101 million subscribers.