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PewDiePie shares surprising reaction to Lilly Singh’s YouTube hiatus

Published: 16/Nov/2018 20:18 Updated: 16/Nov/2018 20:22

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube’s most subscribed creator, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, spoke out on popular YouTuber Lilly Singh’s announcement of her indefinite break from the platform in an episode of ‘Pew News’ on November 15.

PewDiePie admitted that he was “annoyed” with all the talk of mental health surrounding creators’ recent string of breaks from YouTube, claiming that BBC News had even reached out to him for comment on the issue.

“I’m getting a little annoyed by it,” he claimed. “I’m not gonna lie. It’s like, shut up. Shut up, children. Just take a break.”

PewDiePie went on to cite YouTube’s statement refuting concerns of potential channel decline during breaks, and encouraged YouTubers to step away from the platform should they feel overwhelmed – despite fears that they might lose subscribers.


He then stated that Singh’s announcement video was likely made to draw attention to her channel, claiming that the “best way to get people’s attention” is through a big announcement video.

“That’s the reason why she wanted to take a break to begin with,” he continued. “Probably, her channel isn’t doing as well, and probably she isn’t happy with what she’s making.”

PewDiePie also took issue with YouTubers’ need to “monetize everything,” and even predicted that “break announcement” videos could end up becoming a trend in the near future.

“Not every decision you make has to be for your YouTube channel,” he argued. “…It’s annoying seeing praise for making a statement about taking a break, because now, it’s just gonna be a further trend, I think.”


While Singh doesn’t know how long her break will last, she did admit that she will be making a return when she feels the time is right, and is currently seeking therapy in the interim.